Self-confidence road block: When people think I’m lazy or irresponsible

Hi, Coach! I signed up for Scholars earlier this month and got started right away on the Self-Confidence material.

Something that came out for me in the 20-minute coaching sessions is that I have a big problem with people thinking I am lazy, irresponsible, or not trustworthy. I am generally very productive and very responsible (I notice there that I’m making an effort to influence your perception of me, haha…).

I really beat myself up on the rare occasion that I do drop the ball on something I am supposed to do. I am newer to scholars and have not yet done intentional models (other than the Daily Dare in the self-confidence material), and I think I need to explore this more before I try to change it.

What questions can I ask myself to uncover why I care so much about others’ perception in this area?

I have done a thought download on this topic. This isn’t my entire thought download, but some things that came up are:

I want to be seen as trustworthy and reliable
I hate feeling lazy or irresponsible
I am occasionally selectively lazy
There have been times in the past where I did lazy or irresponsible things
I criticize myself when I’m lazy or irresponsible
Everyone has been lazy or irresponsible at some point

Thank you for your insights!