Self Confidence v Assholery

I’m sorry, I don’t think I made myself very clear in my original question (and yes henceforth I will not use that word again).

I was thinking of some of the mansplaining and punditry one comes across (in fact it seems a lot of what is wrong with our current political discourse comes from self-confidently making assertions not backed by any facts, expertise or experience), and that sort of privileged self-confident opinionating just doesn’t seem attractive, appropriate or helpful to me.
Going through the workbook I realised that when I have expertise and knowledge I am full of self-confidence, but if I feel I don’t have those things in spades then I hold myself back a lot, not through fear or embarrassment, but through a desire not to be thought of as one of ‘those people’ with nothing helpful to add to the conversation. (Thinking about it I’m sure that the fact I am a Kolbe factfinder doesn’t help).