Self consciousness

I am very self conscious, and spend almost all my time in public situations thinking about what other people are thinking about me and wondering if they’re looking at me.

I don’t want to be spending my brain power focusing on this, because other people’s thoughts about me are just completely irrelevant. But it seems like such an ingrained habit that I’m having trouble figuring out how to stop being so self conscious.

I’ve tried just being curious and accepting about it for almost a year now. My awareness of it has increased, but I don’t feel any more authority over it than before.

How do I get to a point where I can just stop worrying about what people think of me? I just want to be able to go into a public situation and be completely forgetful of myself and focused on others.

Here’s one model of many

C. Public situation
T. I wonder if they’re looking at me right now
F. Self conscious
A. I keep quiet and don’t reach out or be myself
R. I don’t allow others to know the real me

Do you have any suggestions for thoughts to try out or questions to ask myself to make some progress in this area?