When I think about signing up for Coach Certification, I think A LOT of thoughts.

The main one being: “I haven’t perfected the tools/skills in my own life.”

With variations such as: “I buffer at times”, “I haven’t reached my goal weight”, “I suffer from anxiety and depression”, “I am working on building my confidence”, “I ask 2-3 questions in Ask A Coach a week”, etc.

I make all of these thoughts mean “I am not going to be a good Life Coach” with a lil splash of impending Imposter Syndrome.
In all reality, I KNOW that all of it is a bunch of silliness. Who’s perfect? No one. Not even “good” Life Coaches.

The thoughts are intrusive. I do lots of thought downloads and models. I can’t really decide if I should try and change the thoughts, or keep the thoughts and change their meaning.