Hi. I stopped posting on social media a few months ago because of the thought no one cares what I think. I am afraid to get my voice out there and to be judged. I am a certified Life Coach School coach and a fitness instructor and somehow I now have this self-doubt about getting my voice out there. I also find that tracking data recently has been met with resistance–like getting to know me doesn’t seem interesting enough to collect data to figure out what is going on with my food or my thoughts. Here are some of my models.

C Social media
T No one cares what I think
F Insignificant
A Don’t post, doubt myself, don’t post, don’t write copy that reinforces my purpose as a coach and fitness instructor
R I don’t care what I think?

C Tracking food and self coaching
T This is not worth it
F Judgemental
A Judge how I haven’t accomplished enough, fixate how I am stuck, give up on my results, don’t track, act like a victim
R I am not worth it?

Any help is appreciated. TIA