I keep picking men with low self-esteem. I hope it’s not a matter of how low my regard is for myself. I am working hard on my self-worth. Creating a stronger relationship with God so I can have more security in myself. Stop accepting men that don’t treat me as I deserve.

The pattern is curious. I pick men who need to be fixed. Who need my help. Who don’t show appreciation for what I do but feel entitled. Men who won’t acknowledge their wrongs. Men who have shame and hide. Disconnect as a way to ground themselves and hold power in the relationship. I need to stop chasing at that point. Focus on me.

C- My self-worth
T- I attract men with low self-esteem
F- Curious
A- I ended up fixing, helping
R- I may experience self-worth issues with these men

1. How do I attract not high self-esteem people?
2. What feelings are associated with people with high self-esteem?
3. If I work on my confidence in Scholars what are best podcast episodes to listen and course or workshop to follow?
4. What’s are other thoughts I can create around men with low self-worth?
“It’s not my job to fix them”
“I want high worth individuals”