Self Harm

I’m married at have 3 children living at home right now. They are all older than 16. I’m a teacher, trying to work from home. Help my elderly divorced parents who can’t get out, cook, clean, laundry, etc… So, an older child of mine (24) who NEVER helps around the house, and knows it all, criticized the way I clean house. This is the first day, in weeks, that I actually did some deep cleaning. I was in the middle of my cleaning and she came out of her bedroom, not to help, of course, and made some snippet comment about how when I clean the house just looks messier. She then criticized part of the Mexican themed dinner plans. Of course, she isn’t going to help me make dinner dinner. Then proceeded to her bedroom, laughing at me. I am HEAVILY coaching myself. I felt like a failure and just wanted to inflict self harm. What’s that all about? I’m going to journal and try to answer my own question as you recently said in a coaching session. I would appreciate some help though.