I was hoping you could coach me on my lack of belief in two areas. I am 47 year old who doesn’t get my period anymore and have had some blood work done to figure out why this is. I haven’t gotten my period in 7 years and recently started to look into the reasons why. One since I have been working with different doctors, it keeps coming up that the blood work is showing that nothing is “wrong” per se and that it is a lifestyle issue-too much exercise not enough nutrition . I keep rejecting that in my brain and my brain brings back that there are women more fit then me that get their period and that I don’t work out that intensely.

The other piece I think that is holding me back from adjusting my lifestyle is that I don’t believe that I can actually bring my period back or in fact heal myself. My brain is telling me that this is as good as it’s going to get for me and that I feel good so why do this. I am not sure if it’s fear to change my exercise/food routine to this extent but I feel a lot of resistance to the idea I can heal me. I would appreciate some coaching on this. Thank you!