Self-help fatigue (LRS)

Dear Brooke,
I’d love your thoughts on the following: I may be suffering from what I’ve heard called “Self help fatigue” which is causing the following problems: 1) I find that no matter how hard I try or how long I sit at my desk, I’m not doing the daily work. This month is particularly challenging because a few years ago, I abandoned my career trajectory (CIO) and now am somewhat lost. I have a few ideas about what to do, my purpose, but I can’t seem to sink my teeth into them like I have in the past. And, avoidance is my go-to, so annoying.
2) I’m confused about who to be and what to do because my mood is better, my thought processes are better, but my motivation to do anything has dunked into the toilet. If I’m okay just the way I am, why bother?

I used to drive myself crazy with worry, anxiety, and self-determination based on making sure I was thin and sexy to impress the guys, working hard in my career to impress my friends and family, running/jogging for the therapeutic and health values, and drinking to decompress after a full day of stressing myself out, see above 🙂

Now that I’m feeling better, even though I’ve traded in neurotic and always-ready-to-battle for confused and frustrated, I don’t know how to proceed/function without my usual motivating factors.

I know this is all coming up as I become more mentally healthy, but it seems to be a double edged sword. I hope this makes sense. It’s hard to explain the concept that feeling better is making me feel worse…LOL.

Thanks so much!