Self Love

I recently asked a question and asked for some advice, and the advice I received was really helpful but I have another question in relation to the response, about self love, something I struggle with!
Below is the model and a line from your response that I would really like some pointers with

C seeing photo
T This is not right
F sad
A question myself and look for what is wrong with me, judge myself, ruminate, wish he would contact me, see myself as a victim to the situation, blame myself.
R I don’t treat myself right

“You are giving this man so much power over your emotions. When you turn your focus on how you can offer the love you seek to yourself, your world will shift. You will take back your emotional power.”

Where do I start with self love?!

I have been doing Monday hour 1 for a few months and to my surprise I have noticed I judge myself a little less, as I am staying true to my word and getting things done so I am less angry at myself. I know this isn’t necessarily self love but I feel like its a step in the right direction by moving away from self hate. What else can I be doing to move more toward self love? It feels like an alien concept to me.