My question is about really changing old beliefs when they seem so true and real. I have learned much intellectually in Scholars but there is such resistance when trying to apply it to changing old beliefs and thoughts.

When I believe I come up short, I have difficulty seeing the circumstances as neutral and my thoughts as optional. For instance, my sibling can actually be smarter, more people really do respond favorably to them, they are actually more naturally gifted in different ways, etc.

Please share how to manage my brain during the actual moments whenever I am still believing these things and there is “evidence” to prove it. And it’s not just what I “see”. It’s also what others say to me like, “Next time you attempt to do that, you need to run it by me because you need my help.” or “You may think that part of you is cute, but it’s not.” or “Here, you need to let me do it.”

We are to show ourselves love for exactly who we are. In addition to sharing about the practical application of managing my brain with old beliefs, will you also share here about self-love and acceptance, please? Acceptance where there is true embrace and not just settling to try to get beyond this.

Thank you.