Self Love Protocol Feedback

Hello, I was wondering if I could get feedback on my self-love protocol that I’m developing. Most importantly, I think self-awareness is huge with my thoughts. So I know I’m going to check in with myself every day (write down my thoughts and practicing using phrases such as “This is just a thought I’m having and that’s okay or I notice I’m thinking____ and that’s okay). I will also read through my appreciation list daily and add to it daily. I will also fill out an urge sheet on time when I do want to beat myself up. I also want to work on loving the parts of myself that I don’t love very much right now.
What I won’t accept is criticizing myself, saying mean things to myself, or beating myself up.
I want to make sure my focus is on loving myself as I am right now – not changing anything. Just really being aware of me today and owning what I am thinking. Does that come across in my protocol?
Also – is there a “step-by-step” process to use to start loving the parts of yourself that are hard to love right now? I found an example in episode 65. It started with owning that I’m stubborn. Then I ask myself how that is for me? How does that serve me? How can I embrace that part of me?
Does it work with something like I’m stubborn?
Is this too much to do? I know that it mostly comes from our thoughts, so I want to make sure I’m changing my thoughts instead of my externals. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!