Self-love success story

I was in rigorous training this week at work to prepare to testify on behalf of my company. Within a span of a few days, I experienced almost the entire spectrum of emotions — elation, embarrassment, frustration, relief, confidence, anxiety — you name it, it somehow came up while be grilled, having videos of myself picked apart by corporate lawyers and consultants, and given coaching on everything from my body language to my word choice to how audibly I breathed.

I am very proud to report that a turning point this week was when I went on a walk between sessions and verbally talked myself through self-love concepts I’ve learned from Brooke’s body of work. I literally spent about 30 minutes as I walked telling myself OUT LOUD (fortunately in a mostly deserted park, with no one around to hear) that I love myself, I support myself no matter the outcome, and that I am here for myself no matter what happens through this all. This was an enormous emotional release and gave me the mettle to get through the rest of the week. It’s important to note, before this, I’ve always been very uncomfortable with saying “I love you” to myself–I only used this technique because I needed something QUICK to regain my composure for the next session. I can’t believe the difference it made –I am still flying high on that confidence and unequivocal self-support it demonstrated. My result externally was I did improve (although still many pointers to work on by week’s end), but my result INTERNALLY is what was most powerful.

If you’ll excuse my long story, the take-away is: don’t let the “squishiness” of saying “I love you and support you” to yourself repel you like it did me for so long. Once you actually try it, it has quite the opposite effect of being “squishy”–it builds incredible strength!