Self pity and love

Hi Brooke,

I just did the exercise for Self pity, It was the right time!

Last week I was feeling really bad, I was feeling stressed, not good enough, I bufferd a lot ,
over eating and over”biting myself”.

The exercise for self pity helped me clarify what is happening inside me.

I felt that self pity, coming from a place of scarcity, is like a black hole inside me.

This hole needs to be filled with something.

Today I felt self pity after a meeting at work,  because I felt I am not good enough. I started buffering off my protocol. I suddenly felt like  I needed to fill  a hole inside me!

After that, I had the idea to do the exercise for self pity. When I was asked to overcome self pity with its opposite , self- esteem, I felt that I could fill that black hole with love for myself instead of  food!

What is your opinion about that idea? Can I use the model to fill myself with love and how?

Thank you for your help and support.