Self responsibility feels lonely / Emotional Lone Wolves

I have been working on total self-responsibility, but I’m finding it very lonely. I’m trying to take care of myself. If I want the dishes done [insert any activity or feeling I desire], I should take care of it. I see the benefit of taking my desired results into my own hands and freeing others of their manual. This has been unexpectedly isolating. Perhaps I used expectations and disappointment as attempts to connect with or control others. Either way, I suppose ‘feeling lonely’ or ‘being responsible for absolutely everything is very burdensome’ are feelings I can change with a thought. I’m not entirely sure what believable thought could replace them. “This is great, I have so much opportunity now that I get to not rely on anybody for my results and feelings” isn’t available yet. Also, I suppose I have some resistance to the idea that we’re supposed to be emotional lone wolves… Help point me in the right direction. Thanks-