Self Sabotage

I am really struggling at the moment. I thought it was just one issue but I started to realise this issue is showing up in other places in my life, too. Initially this question was about going to bed, I delay going to bed every night, even if I switch the tv off at 10pm I will lay on the sofa until 11pm at least, then I can’t even get up the stairs to brush my teeth without looking on social media, dating apps, shopping etc. It feels as if I am doing it against my own will.

Then in the morning I am exhausted and promise myself “I’ll go to bed early tonight.” I go into my office, pick up my phone, text people, then do 5 mins of work, go on another app and so on. I am building my coaching business and I am not taking action. I feel totally stuck in this destructive loop. I stopped my other career to coach so I really want and need to get on with it but I’m not. If I don’t change my behaviour soon, I will have to move out of my home. I love coaching and when I’m coaching it all feels great but everything around it now doesn’t feel so great.

I used be excited to get into my office in the morning, now I am starting to feel dread around it and I don’t know why.