Self-Sabotage and Resistance towards goals

Last October, I started writing a book on Intermittent Fasting and planned to have it completed by October 2019, published by December 2019 and launched by January 2020. I was motivated and excited, despite being nervous and critical, and was moving at a good steady pace towards my goal. I have a book title, purchased the domain name, cover design, and 20,000+ words written, and had a strong “why.” I only need to finish the final chapter and conclusion. I feel like I’m right at the finish line and refuse to cross it. I even started gaining back some of the weight that I lost through IF and feel like I’m constantly finding ways to self-sabotage myself on this particular goal.

In September I joined SCS figuring it would give me that final push I needed to move past the finish line. I wrote down my 30-day goal of completing the first draft of my book by September 30, then never touched it after that. However, since joining SCS I feel like my life as improved dramatically! I’ve been more productive at school, work, and home, my mind is clearer, my relationships are better, I’m more confident, etc. I enjoy doing the homework and have had so many revelations in every other area of my life, but continue to avoid finishing my book.

I want to finish and publish my book, but I’m feeling so much resistance towards it. I know my thoughts are the reason for not moving forward, but I’m having trouble thinking thoughts that motivate me, (which is just a thought!) Help!