Self-sabotage/Limiting Beliefs/Good Mother/Successful Business

I spent 20 years homeschooling. I have 8 kids. I got burnt out and put all my kids in public school. In 2019 I got my real estate license to grow my investments. I am good at it and people come to me. I decided to intentionally grow and set a goal. I reached it. I teach classes t new agents now. In 2020 I made over 100,000. In 2021 I will make over 200,000. I have a thought/belief that I am not a good mother and that my youngest 3 kids are not thriving/reaching their potential because I am not homeschooling them. I have a thought that they would be better/more polite/read more if I homeschooled them. I think I am a bad Mom for being selfish and wanting/loving working instead of doing Mom things. My husband makes “enough” to be comfortable. One of my goals is to out earn him one year. He says he is very proud of me. My point is that my family does not “need” my income. We have benefited by buying investment properties and having more extra money, but I think sometimes that the cost has high for kids. I do not think private school would solve this. My older kids excelled and I think it was largely due to my teaching/homeschooling. I am worried that the younger 3 will turn out underperforming/not succeeding. I also have a thought that when I work I am taking from my kids/family. I cooked for years. I do not enjoy cooking daily anymore. I got to a place where I felt resentful and not appreciated. Same story for cleaning/housekeeping. I hired a cleaning lady at one point and my kids starting just leaving everything for “them” to clean up bc ” you are paying them. My thought was my kids are becoming spoiled and entitled and I canceled. Now my house is not as clean as I want it but they do more. A lot thoughts in this. Help me unravel this please.