^self-sabotage models

Thank you for your response Brooke, here are my models for further inspection please.

C: Scholars progress
T: I am self-sabotaging energetically
F: Crap, disincented, demoralised, defeated
A: Flounder around expecting defeat
R: “Defeat” arrives, threatening to derail me

T: I seek more and deeper ways to support myself
F: Surprisingly buoyant, capable, happy
A: Take the actual self-supporting actions (journal, meditate, talk to people, exercise, rest)
R: Feel a lot better, keep moving forward


C: Moving forward in business & Scholars
T: it IS hard when starting Scholars and starting a business not to be overwhelmed with the challenges
F: teetery; scared; incompetent; anxious
A: run round in tight circles, getting little useful done
R: Yep, it still feels overwhelming

T: I can easily plan and execute steps to certain success
F: Optimistic; confident; competent
A: Make better plans, pay more attention to working thru them
R: small wins appear over the horizon- and i NOTICE them!

Any good?