Self worth

Hi Brooke,
I was watching the last live coaching call and was thrown in a bit of a spin regarding perfectionism and answering the question ‘What do I get to think/feel about myself if I did all the ‘more’ that I tell myself I need to do?’. I realised that I need to work on my self worth and being enough and need to do so via bridging thoughts for now. Here’s what I’ve been working on:
C: I’ve worked on my book for 1 hour
T: I need to do more
F: anxious
A: buffer
R: less productive than I could be and feel that I need to do more (I haven’t done enough)
C: I’ve worked on my book for 1 hour
T: I get to make this mean whatever I want
F: curious, in control
A: write more or not consciously
R: be present rather than spinning into habitual scarcity thoughts
Does this look like a workable bridging thought toward self worth?
Thanks in advance