Self Worth – Peeling back the onion.

I have done a lot of coaching over the last year on the subject of self worth and it keeps coming up. I noticed myself thinking “I’m not worthy to be at her level.”

C: Person who makes over 600k a year
T: I’m not worthy to be at her level.
F: discouraged
A: don’t go talk to her, avoid and hide from her
R: not making myself worthy to be at her level. Not seeing my own self worth.

I see this now in my business as I have fear to succeed because I keep avoiding and hiding and self sabotaging my business results.
I see this with networking because of fear I don’t belong. I don’t reach out to others because I have fear I don’t belong. I don’t talk to or reach out for help because I feel I am not worthy of their support or help. I don’t push hosting an event because I fear no one will want it also meaning I’m not good enough to host it.

I want to get rid of this thought that keeps popping up. I cant come up with a new thought because this really feels so true. The thought “I am worthy” almost feels icky because it is not believable. I am not sure where to go from here.