Selfcare or selfish 2

ask yourself what you’re making it mean that you aren’t getting the full amount of time for yourself that you had intended

my deeper 2 unintentional models

C- Kids got up at 6 instead of 7
T- I have less time to learn SCS tools that will help me feel better
F- disappointed
A- Ruminating “I’m entitled to some time for myself” (Aha, some insight that I have this emotional childhood sense of entitlement). Also ruminating the scarcity mentality – more time with kids meaning less time for me, there is not enough time in the day. Then also not being in emotional adulthood – there is blaming my kids for not giving me enough time for myself.
R- I am not acting warm towards my kids

C- Kids got up at 6 instead of 7
T- I am thinking looking after kids is hard
F- insecure
A- Thinking – I am not ready to look after my kids again. I can’t even look after my brain/manage myself. Acting afraid of showing up as a Mum that is uniquely me – what if I’m doing it wrong and messing up my kids
R- not showing up as a Mum