Selfcare or selfish

I wake up at 4am before my kids get up and have some “me” time, exercising, reading SCS material, read other books. Kids usually get up at 7am. But sometimes one of them would wake up at 4 or 5 and I have to cuddle them to sleep again, or sometimes one would wake up at 6 and just wants to start the day.

C- kids wake up early
T- I only have short “me” time
F- disappointed
A- thinking “why do they have to wake up so early. I still want to read more”. Saying good morning to my daughter but not like Brooke’s puppies, full of delight to see her. Tried to keep reading but getting annoyed with kids interrupting me, so reading was not much use.
R- I only have short “me” time

C- kids wake up early
T- I have had just the right amount of “me” time
F- satisfied
A- playing with kids or happily cuddling them to sleep
R- peace