A selfie with a stranger at Grand Central Station

Brooke–I think you totally need to compile the list of all the crazy things we’re all doing this month; it’s probably going to be a hilarious list. I just walked back from Grand Central Station where I asked a complete stranger to take a selfie with me. I’ll be honest, the entire walk there all I kept saying in my head was “I hate Brooke Castillo. I hate her for making me do this. I hate this. I hate her. This is HORRIBLE.” I think I even wrote similar words of hatred in the workbook. But… I did it anyway. Afterward, I thought I would just feel complete relief that today’s awfulness was over. But instead, I felt amazing! I wish I could send you the selfie with the stranger–my smile was beaming from ear to ear. What a strange and bizarre experience. I still question this whole thing, but I am trusting you and that if I make it through this month without being arrested or beaten up, I might actual become a more confident person. I had NO IDEA until this challenge how unbelievably paralyzed I am by my fear of humiliation… (which is so weird… stand-up comedy is one of my hobbies!) I apologize for my words of hatred–amazing what the brain does when it’s freaked out. Nothing but love for you… but I can’t promise that this time tomorrow “I hate Brooke” won’t be back in my notebook again when the next day’s challenge looms. 😉 xo -Heather