Selling Apartment – Ex- BF


I am separated from my ex-BF. We have an apartment in common and I would like to sell him my parts, which he agrees to.

I am living with my parents currently and told them that I am going to sell my parts to him.
First, we agreed to check with an agency the price of the apartment, so I can sell it at market price. I already contacted 2 agencies they gave me the price, but he still wants to contact one on his own and does not want me to deal with it. It has been 2 months now. I was pursuing him about it. But he has no time to call and make an appointment because he has a lot of work (his words).

I felt very powerless about it since I depend on him for it and this is the easiest part to put a price on it so I decided that I won’t talk with him about it, since nothing comes from it. He still wants to take care of it on his own. I decided that he will come back to me whenever he wants to. No rush. But I still want to sell it asap. But that’s the only way I feel at peace with it. He does not respect his promise, respect any deadline, or want to give me a date when he will take care of it.

I feel great about it now. But still, it can take years, he does not care.

Now, my parents ask me also about it. Did he call the agency, when are you going to sell? he will take all his time!  To which I answered kind of nervous: don’t ask me about it anymore. I won’t answer you and I don’t want to give you any details about it. Otherwise, they keep coming to me, and I have no answer to provide as I have no solutions. It feels hard for me to answer why he is not calling an agency, as it is very simple.

Any advice on how to overcome it? I feel it has an impact on me and my relationship with my parents.

Thank you.