Selling house / buying house

Hi coaches. We are in the process of renovating our house in order to then sell it and buy a bigger house. I’m finding the whole thing quite stressful but I’m expecting it to be stressful and am following the steps, one by one.

I would like some suggestions 1) on whether you can recommend a Scholars course in the Study Vault to help me on this goal as it feels daunting (I’ve already worked on How to get it done, so another suggestion would be great) and 2) can you check out my models below, to see whether you have any feedback on them.

Unintentional model
C: plan to sell and buy house
T: it may be easy to sell but really hard to buy as many people make offers on the same houses at the moment.
F: scared, anxious
A: may stop me taking steps, could become stuck in inaction ie not sell house, stay in same house, nothing changing
R: don’t buy a new house

Intentional model
C: plan to sell and buy house
T: ?
F: determination, clarity, excitement
A: work on thoughts and feelings about this: it’s bound to be stressful, allow that, encourage excitement and forward movement
do future focused work
talk to people who have gone through this process, learn from them
talk to estate agents, learn from them and pick ones I like
do building work as needed, to add to the value of the house
listen to estate agents as to what building work to do
continue step by step working towards this, each day
R: I sell house a good price and we buy a beautiful new home