Selling house

I just read a question here and someone asked about why she isn’t finding her last cloning relationship to get married. You said she was treating it passively and she needs to get out and be in charge of it and find her person. How can I apply that with selling our house? I have fixed everything that needed fixed, repainted…. it’s a show house. I have also put it up everywhere to sell it. I have 3 people very interested, one has to sell their house first, one is working on financing, and one is wanting to buy it for her son to help him but is having a hard time getting him to accept her help. I feel like I’m now being very passive, I don’t know how to help any of them, or get any of them to get on the ball and buy our house! We already missed out on our first choice house that we wanted, it was just sold a few days ago. I don’t want to lose our second choice!!! How can I be proactive in this situation?