Selling myself short

Hi there! I recently had a conversation with a former mentor of mine who told me she thinks I’m selling myself short. In a SCS coaching session I discovered that I agree with her words, thus creating the result that I sell myself short. Here are some current models on this:

C – conversation with mentor
T – (I agree) I’m making myself smaller than I am.
F – disappointed
A – question myself and my actions, looking for failures, judging myself
R – focus on failing / making myself smaller than I am

C – conversation with mentor
T – She doesn’t acknowledge me.
F – rejected
A – looking for what’s wrong with me, beating myself up, withdrawing
R – I’m not acknowledging me.

C – conversation with mentor
T – I really could be further by now.
F – frustrated
A – focusing on scarcity, not seeing progress, judging myself – instead of continuing to work on my business
R – no progress in my mind, no new results in my business

So, I can see that I’m the one selling myself short and impeding progress. Where can I go from here?