Selling Stuff I Inherited

I’m working on my money beliefs & feelings and realizing there are some thing in my home I’m holding onto just because they were someone else’s that I inherited when they died. For example, I have my grandmother’s jewelry box, but I don’t own or wear jewelry, I use it to hold hair ties and bobby pins and put knick knacks on she also gave me. It holds sentimental value because it was a gift my father and I got for her when she was alive, she used it to hold all of her beautiful broaches she wore daily. I think I should sell the jewelry box, because I don’t use it, and I wouldn’t purchase it myself, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to let go of the sentimentality of it. I also worry that my dad and aunt might get offended if they find out I’ve sold Grandma’s jewelry box. How do I push through the anxiety and fear of regret in order to decide if I should ultimately sell the jewelry box, and items with similar backgrounds, or keep them?