selling vs closing believing hard

Ok so my goal and my thought was to sell my biz for 40 k this month and make 100k this year. After hearing calls about the belief being who would you be if you believed that thought. I wonder if I would be better to change my thought to “I will follow my calendar…. do what i say that would by when” this will have me do the things I need this month. and going forward… it will stay with me for longer and cross all areas.

Also its March 8th and someone will buy my biz is feeling harder to believe… and I will also close my biz at the end of this month if I don’t sell. I already decided this. I choose to have my back at the end of the month on selling or closing. But that means Im not believing 100 percent hard that it will sell…

I’m committed to moving forward from my old biz no matter what and starting coach training in April.

Thanks for helping me clarify!!