Selling vs. Sold and Loving on people – group coaching program, LB

My group coaching program starts again next Tuesday and I currently have 5 people in the master class option (there are two options this round, open class and master class) and I would love to have 20 in the master class.

My first unintentional thought was: How am I going to be able to sell 15 spots in a week when I haven’t been able to sell that many in the last six weeks?

That’s obviously not a useful thought – I did a model on that one – and saw the despair and self-pity and avoidance and micro-quitting and not awesome results that was leading to.

So then I did:
C: Art School master class (that’s the program)
T: I have 5 awesome people, I want 15 more awesome people
F: constricted, anxiety, a little excited too
A: keep doing all the things (these are things that led to sales before – and obviously also led to people saying no thanks too)- sales calls, private invitations/offers, FB lives, podcast, social media
R: lol…so far I still want 15 more people

So, then I thought – I should THINK about this differently – even if the action ends up looking the same, a different thought will produce a different result

So, one thought is:
I love ALL the people in my program, including the ones who are meant to be in it and just haven’t signed up yet or don’t know about it!

Then, that leads me to think – HOW can I let them know I love them-
for the ones that are in it, they’ll be getting an awesome pre-welcome, warm-up email AND very awesome surprises delivered to their homes this week (and throughout the program).

For the ones that are not in it yet or don’t know about it yet- continue loving on them via the podcast, but also have that energy of loving on them and asking myself – how can I understand them, nurture them, support them, help them achieve their goals and big dreams and revolutionize the way they create their visions/dreams/goals, revolutionize the way they experience the creative process (whether that is creating art, a career/business, or more money, better health/relationships – all of it…)?

Action-wise this still looks the same, but it is coming from a different thought/emotion.

Then, I thought about an aligned model approach:
C: Art School winter session – full classes
T: I love these people, I can’t wait to get started, THEY ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!
F: love, super on fire
A: tell them/show them my enthusiasm, share my certainty about how they are going to love it (and share it in all those ways – all those massive action steps I mentioned before). Also, share about how it is working/has worked for other clients and myself!
R: Art School winter session, full classes, awesome people loving it, lives changed, art and money made, word spreads about how amazing it is

Do you see anything I’m missing? Any suggestions? Thank you! XO!