Send another blue box? keeping the LCS work nice and neat and tidy…..

Hello Brooke,
I have been a life coach scholar since January 2017. I have worked thru each booklet, almost all the bonus material, lots of the videos….I have spent time with the 10 minute tutor each month….as a result, I have made massive strides in so many areas. I have kicking body parts and taking names….still have lots to do, but making great moves forward…..

So, all the stuff is overstuffing the first box you sent me…and since I like things nice and neat….are you planning on sending another pretty blue box? if not, I will come up with an alternate storage system..

Which leads me to the next question…..should one go back and review the past months? what is your take on that?

Most of all, THANK you for your work and support as I create the best life yet!!