Sending out some LOVE

As I watch your videos, do the homework, and read your Ask Brooke responses I find myself saying “GOOD LORD I LOVE HER!”

This is not to just compliment you for the sake of compliments but recognizing that I manifested you into my life and you manifested me into your program along with everyone else and it’s just so amazing. Like, how does this stuff keep getting better and better!?

I had been listening to your podcasts last year, hearing you throw out every now and then how you don’t do one-on-one coaching anymore and how your programs are expensive so I kept thinking I want her program to be affordable for me. I want to work with her. I want this work in my life. I want to be a coach. I want this. And I applied everything I could to my life anyway. Then I heard the podcast where you first announced SCS and I just flipped out. Precisely what I wanted.

Now I see how this momentum has been building and building and my thoughts are getting more and more focused and things are just happening left and right. Feeling like ass in those little moments throughout. Life has completely opened up. I’m watching you talk about your new building and my heart is just exploding with happiness for you and for all of the people that will benefit from it. I cannot wait to attend trainings in it. I can see your vision and it’s glorious.

I LOVE how you have attracted all of these like-minded people to this “place” together. We are the change makers in this world. I imagine all of us SCSers going out in our individual lives and making the ripples of change and how those small movements raise the vibration of our universe, and like you say all the time, help humanity evolve to the next level. So dang beautiful.

I was having some anxiety about being able to afford LCS coach training next year. Not knowing how I’m going to pay for it but knowing deep in my soul it’s the exact thing for me.
So I’m working on it like this…
C: LCS training
T: I don’t know how I’m going to afford that
F: confused; insecure
A: Spend money like “normal” and pretend to be confused about what to do
R: No money saved for training
C: LCS training
T: I am determined to attend the training and do everything Brooke tells me to do no matter what.
F: determined; confident
A: Save money, limit spending. and create more resources in my life
R: Coach myself as my first client and KNOW that I will be certified by the LCS and get to coach my people when the time comes.

Have a wonderful weekend, to you, Brooke, and to the whole LCS team, and to all my fellow SCSers!
Emily Rose