Sense of Dread

Hi all –

I have noticed that I wake up with a sense of dread almost every day. I know this is caused by my thoughts because it doesn’t happen 100% immediately, even though it does happen pretty damn fast.

C: Sensation in body
T: This is a sense of dread
F: Dread
A: Continue about my day, go to work, have coffee, feel angry at the world
R: I live with a sense of dread

C: Sensation labeled as “sense of dread”
T: I shouldn’t feel this way
F: Resistance
A: I don’t fully feel the feeling, I fantasize about the changes I want to make, I slowly work on my online course to try and escape, I get another degree to try to escape, I want to become a life coach to try to escape. I’ve taken quite a lot of action but I can see I’ve done so out of fear and resistance.
R: I continue to feel this way

I’ve been trying to action my way out of this sense of dread for quite some time unsuccessfully and I can see my thoughts and feelings aren’t helping. How can I baby step my way out of this? I can’t just ‘think’ and ‘feel’ differently, but I do feel like I’m wasting my life.