Sensory Part II

Learning that physical sensations were the circumstance, was such a major ah-ha! Its the thoughts about the physical sensation that is causing my emotions, as well as my child (I was missing this part for her too).

In the meltdown moments due to extreme tactile sensitivities, my thoughts were:
I don’t know what to do.
I don’t want to say or do something to make it worse for her.
I have tried everything and nothing is working.
I hate this for her and wish I could make it stop.

All these thoughts led to feeling helpless….and keeping me stuck in helplessness.

I had started to shift to thoughts of
We will figure this out.
I am incredibly resourceful and will find the help we need.
There are helpers everywhere.
These thoughts were starting to help me feel hopeful again, but when you asked me the best question:
How are you the perfect person to be on this journey with your daughter?
Everything clicked and I was flooded with all these thoughts that made me feel hopeful, at ease, calm, and relief.

I could see I am the perfect person to be on this journey with her. I understand what she is feeling because I often feel the same way. I have the model to help me. I have a coach. I am a RN. I have done my own work on myself that allows me to process emotions now and in return help her feel and process these big emotions. I am seeking solutions to help us and not dismissing how she feels. This journey, while there may be some challenges, will also bring us only closer because I will truly understand her like no one else. …..and the thoughts keep coming. I needed that question! THANK YOU!