Sent home from work at Hospital for underlying conditions.

My C is that my doctor told me words. They are that I have a serious underlying cardiac condition and am over 50 and should only do telemedicine and not frontline medical care due to increased risk of COVID complications.

C- words
T- people will judge me harshly for leaving them to do the work. I am not strong enough, I am not enough of a doctor.
F- shame and guilt
A- spin in thoughts
R- feel uncomfortable

C- words
T- this is only about me, not about others. This is self care. I have my back. I love myself unconditionally cardiac issue or not. I will always be enough. I see these previous thoughts and will work to shift them.
F- satisfied (I am listening to my doctors advice.)
R- work hard from home to support people via telemedicine. Contribute to the cause.

I think I am worried about these judgements that I attribute to others but maybe are my own inner critic, I need to show myself I am enough and worthy as I am- that I love myself unconditionally.