SENTENCE to lose 140 lbs.

Hi Brook! I started Feb. and have lost 10 lbs, I weighed 311 when I started, I’m 50 and have been overweight my whole life so my goal has always been just to get below 200, the closet i got was 223. So, knowing that I need to think bigger my goal is to be 170 and I’ll probably need skin removal that would take more weight off. My sentence is “my body has the ability to burn 140 lbs of fat to weight 170” . I figure as the time progresses I’d “ladder” to “I love my 170 body and all it provides me” ….Is this a good way to approach this month’s homework?

Also, I’ve heard you mention Scholars loosing a 100 lbs. Has any one lose 150 lbs? Or will I be your first success story of someone who has lost that much weight on your program? 😉 Either answer will help motivate me!
Thanks, Lisa Kay