Sentences In My Brain!

Hi coaches, last week I had a significant argument with my parents. I understand it’s all part of the 50/50, nothing has gone wrong, the only thing that is causing me pain about this argument is my thoughts…. But a part of me still feels victimised and that I’m missing out on focusing my energy where I would prefer for it to be focused.

C: my human brain
T: when my brain has a spare thought, it is making sentences about the same situation and distracting me from things I want to do
F: annoyed
A: allow my brain to obsess about it, be a victim of the thinking, judge how I am still thinking about the situation, don’t do other things that interest me because I’m so annoyed when I’m distracted, write to ask a coach, talk to my boyfriend about the argument, allow urges to call my friends to talk about the argument
R: I let the reality that my brain is still processing the argument dictate whether I do things I wanna do regardless

I want to do things I want to do (would love the thoughts to stop, but am willing to accept they probably won’t!) regardless of my brain spinning over the argument.

T: when my brain has a spare thought, it is making sentences about the same situation, and that’s ok
F: curious
A: observe thoughts without judgement, help my brain to answer questions that may pop up, accept that I’m processing pain, celebrate that I can handle this situation with my scholars knowledge, do the things I want to do while I allow my “distracting” thoughts to be there, approach the length of time my brain is taking to process the argument with curiosity
R: I let my brain go where it wants to go without judgment

Thank you!