Separating "good stress" vs "bad stress"

I have a tendency to take on too much (historically). I’m trying to create more balance and space in my schedule and life, however I still get excited about opportunities (jobs, volunteer opportunities, new business ideas). I know that challenges are the path to growth but sometimes, I think I use that thought to propel myself to do too many things and head down a path towards burnout. Could you give me any advice or a place to learn more about this in Scholars?

For a more specific example, I want to take a part-time job in my city (I own an online business) because I’m passionate about the work and it helps my online business as well (they are related, I create content about the field I used to work in). But, in the past, I’ve taken these part time jobs and have subsequently become very overwhelmed with balancing life/part time work/my business.

All of that was prior to discovering SCS and now I’m hoping I might be able to make a part-time/passion job work better with some mindset work because I really am passionate about both things (my business and work in the field outside of my business). Any advice?