Sept goal

I alredy dove into my Sept workbook since Ill be attending coach training next week, I wanted to get ahead of the workbook.

I am contemplating between 2 goals for the month…
1. To have my first facebook ad running by the end of the month. (My next step in marketing)
2. To sign on a new client by the end of the month.

#1 feels more comfortable for sure, even though the learning curve will be uncomfortable, I know it just takes setting aside rhat time and getting it done!
#2 feels scarier to commit to… I know I have a lot of thought work to do around it (which Ive been doing). I somehow feel like its not in my control, and have set this goal before and not achieved it so I guess my biggest fear is not achieving and being disappointed.

Maybe I can get coaching around this at training? But any ideas where to start?

Thanks ❤️