Sept Model help

C: Big Goal
T: I’m not capable of that (achieving my goal, living my purpose, being a person I’m proud of and excited about)
F: defeat
A: task switch (mini quit), indulge in doubt, reconsider commitment, ask for advice, avoid, procrastinate, push myself aggressively, try different strategies, try to pep myself up, try to bridge my thoughts, try to increase confidence with cognitive reframing, take breaks, stop and restart, buffer, isolate, look for evidence that I AM capable, look for evidence I’m NOT capable, spin my wheels
R: confusion and shame – no real movement towards my goal

IM (shaky bridge?)
C: Big Goal
T: It’s possible that all the stops and starts, failed attempts, frustrations and ugliness means that I am *in* the messy, uncomfortable process of creating something new and moving towards my goal.
F: Ambivalent
A: continue to vacillate – work in an imprecise and not totally committed way, continue to look outside myself for validation that I am on the right track
R: status quo

IM 2 (Starting from the R line) ***note this feels like such a stretch, I’m borrowing Brooke’s thought but I don’t believe it coming from me – I’ve said this to myself so many times, and then quit. How do I cultivate true trust????)
C: Big Goal
T: I’m all in, it’s as good as done.
F: Determined (HELP! Wtf does this feel like?! How do I generate the feeling of determination???)
A: I show up for my commitments as planned, willing to make mistakes, flail, fail, and be uncomfortable. I’m churning out content consistently and it is getting better and better, as is my confidence in my competence.
R: I am 100% certain that I am bringing my A-game to the process of creative innovation required to manifest my goal. (Is this a result? It feels like too much of a stretch to say “I’ve achieved the goal – the goal has a LOT of component parts to it…)