Sept / Putting it all in the Calendar: weekly or monthly ? Would you share a sample of your own schedule?

Hi Brooke and team: I have a question about how you recommend scheduling over this month –I see for the 30 day goal that I should lay out everything that needs to happen, etc, in 30 days. and I’m wondering if I should/can/will schedule out every of the 30 days to the level of exact detail you showed in the September overview video….or just do that exact time scheduling one week at a time? So for example, on a Sunday night, while looking at my 30 day goal and action plan (where I’ve assigned the broader outcomes across the 30 days), schedule the really granular work just one week at a time? That Sunday night, I would take an hour to look at the goals scheduled for that week (from my 30 day plan), and then pepper my calendar for that week with all the granular detail for each day. And then the next Sunday, the same thing for that following week, etc . The idea of going granular for 30 days, makes me think thoughts of pressure, what ifs and resistance. So I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding your protocol (“yes, go granular for all 30 days” or “go granular one week at time but map out all the 30 day goals and actions”) or just fighting with my brain against locking it that far down in advance. I’m beginning to suspect it may be me wriggling against the perceived lock down and framework of there being a “right” way. Can you clarify? I LOVED LOVED watching the Sept overview video where you walked us through your planning and calendaring process. In particular I smiled when you mentioned “I don’t know whether to do this detail, if you guys will be bored” because I was on my seat waiting to see you take it all the way through into your calendar on the day/day and time blocks. This is where I get stuck, when to literally schedule it because I react to the my feelings of constraint and “what ifs” chatter . I’m trying to take a cue from my productivity and commitment to working out —
I schedule those each day and commit to it no matter what. Can you help? Am I spinning into the fretting mode of thinking there is a “right” way to discover, instead of creating the way and to just get going? thanks for any help.