Sept Workbook/30 day goal

HI Brooke,
I can’t be on the first few Study Hall calls due to work, but I have some questions if you could help me with, please.
So I started the Get it Done Workbook. I set my 30 day goal to lose 10 pounds.
1) So on each day’s homework, do I answer the questions specific to that weigh loss goal. So it asks what I accomplished yesterday and what’s on the schedule today? Do I answer those only regarding my weight loss goal only or does it mean anything I have going on?
2) On page 21 in regards to the back up plan….is that just my 10 pound goal? How do I have a back up plan with that?
3) Also, on page 18-19 it talks about scheduling it on calendar. Again, is that specific to my 30 day 10 lb goal, and if so, what kinds of things would I schedule in? Or is it scheduling all my work, to do’s, chores, errands, self coaching, etc. Thanks for clarifying.

I had been having overwhelming thoughts around getting so much done that I was spinning my wheels in procrastination and buffering. I messaged you and asked for help, then it came to me. I have set myself up with an idea I brainstormed making each day of the week a “themed” day to include SCS, tv time, organizing and cleaning, creativity, and more. It’s super awesome and I feel like I have focused my thoughts around getting this all done around my work schedule and it feels so fun now. Now I just want to set up my themed days to coincide with the way you are recommending calendaring it all. Just want to clarify how you mean for us to do that and if it is specific to my 10 lb goal.
Thanks a million!! HUGS, Tracie 🙂