September accountability

I am going to be away for 10 days in Sept so took a sneak peak ahead and set my goal. When asked who i will be accountable to, #1 myself and #2 to all of you here in self coaching scholars as my goal will be to lose 8lbs and weigh 160 by Sept 30th. This is a challenging, yet realistic goal, as I will be on vca these 10 days, in which I have ALWAYS gained weight before.

Unintentional model:
C: vacation
T: I am on vacation, I deserve to enjoy whatever food I want and not think about it because this is time to relax
F: unrestrained /rebellious maybe?
R: overeat, gain weight

Intentional model
C: vacation
T: I am going to seek and be present with the true pleasures and joys on this trip, not buffer. I will approach any urges to overeat with sheer /nonjudging curiosity and look forward to using them as opportunities to practice my work and learn more about myself.
F: confident, strong
A: I will not eat everything unhealthy that I see or falsly justify it
R: I will not gain weight/possibly may even lose weight/will have enjoyed the actual moments of the trip

I am still new to models so if anything doesnt make sense please let me know… but throwing some accountability out here!