September Goal

Part of the work this month is the question ‘Who are you accountable to’. I am making myself accountable to Ask Brooke and all Scholars. I have used the tools and have been able to lose my weight and get to goal weight, ‘Yeah’!! Now this month, I will work to maintain (still need to schedule Meal Planning and Meal Prep to be successful). I need to get down a bit after September long weekend and holidays. Goal will be get to and maintain 135. I will know I am successful when I am on the scale on September 30th with weight of 135.

And the 30 day goals is to completely declutter my house. All drawers, all closets. Each weekday, an hour dedicated to this (with specific drawer or closet that WILL be done within that hour) – so I will have a RESULT. And I have scheduled longer on Saturdays. Sundays I have no schedule for this and that is my Exception and Backup plan. I will know I am successful because every closet and drawer will be decluttered by September 30th.

All of this with back to school activities/ tryouts and sports!

Talk to you all October 1 with my results. 🙂

Leah, Self Coaching Scholar