September goal : answering email (NP)

I am terrified and excited at the same time. Here is my homework, to share and get advice on.

Everyday at 6 PM or earlier I will have answered or filed every email that is more than 72 h old (not counting WE)

Why do you want to achieve this goal ?

I want to achieve this goal because email is a huge source of procrastination and anxiety at my work. I want to learn how to not procrastinate and to follow through on my decisions at work. I begin with email. I think 72h is a good rule because for some matters I need some conscious or unconscious thinking and maturation, but more than that and it is procrastination. If I don’t have all the answers I will say so in my answering email. I put the 6PM rule because I don’t want to spend the evening thinking about it instead of spending time with my family or pursuing personal interests, and I want to protect my sleep.

Why will you do it no matter what ?

I will do it no matter what because I want to progress in my work and it is a first doable step. I achieved great result over the last 11 monts with weight lost, I am at my goal weight, and this goal is for sure completely doable for me and not more difficult than losing 70 pounds. I have all the tools that I need to do it, I know to work when being anxious and afraid at the same time, it is not going to stop me. I believe I have a brain that is 100% capable of answering to email 🙂 Late email answering is a huge source of stress for me, and it is taking much too much thinking time and energy that I want. I want to reclaim this time and mental energy for more important and interesting work.

Who will you be accountable to?

I will be accountable to myself via my daily self-coaching and homework. I will not beat myself up if I fail one day, but do some more self coaching to learn and move on, and then recommit.