September goal/Declutter my house

For my 30 day goal I want to declutter my house. I will know it is done because everything in my house will have a permanent home (all the stuff will BELONG in a specific spot). I also have some painting to finish in several of the closets and deep cleaning to do, as well as decorating I’d like to finish. ALL of that will take me longer that 30 days. SO, my question is would it be better to declutter the whole house as my 30 day goal, then for my next goal do the touch up paint, then the next deep clean it all and then decorate (each being seperate goals where I outline when it will be done and go through the same steps I am taking this month) OR does it make more sense to take one room at a time and declutter, deep clean, touch up paint, decorate until it is completely done, then move on to another room? I like the idea of working to completion on each room but I think I might get stuck moving from one step to another (declutter, paint, clean etc) rather than just focusing on decluttering the whole house. Hmm. I have a tendency to over complicate things which leads to not getting it done, haha. So … I think I’ll go with decluttering the whole house and work on constraint and focus, letting the rest wait until I’ve completed the decluttering. Does this make sense and am I missing anything? Thanks!