HELLO AMAZING COACHES. I decided for the month of September to finally learn where our money is spent and invested. Once equipped with this financial knowledge, I will create a budget for myself! I have never had a budget or had to pay the bills. I always had my father and now my husband, to manage the finances. I came up with excuses as to why I had not taken care of my own finances and these were no longer acceptable. Since joining SCS I have been empowered and armed with so many great tools. I have become my own “sculptor” and my tool–The Amazing and Great Model, 🙌👏 has revealed what an amazing work of creation I am…I have lost over 60 lbs and am no longer immobilized by my depression. I work full-time and have decided to become financially savvy! My husband is excited! I will keep track of my expenses (I am not a big spender…at least I don’t think so😉) every day, make a list of our bills and investments (I started a spread sheet already), do my SCS homework, attend coaching calls, be coached, and watch your money videos. I am going to change my relationship with money! Confusion, fear, overwhelm–no longer allowed! How did I do?