September goal – last 2 kg

My September goal is to lose the last 2kg and get to goal weight.
I started at 67kg and I’m now at 57. I’m 161cm and 35 years old. (Joined in May)
I think 55kg will be a good end point although since I committed to it I’ve had all kinds of thoughts generating fear and doubt.

I just want to check that this isn’t unrealistic as my husband seems a little worried I might be trying to lose too much. I’m happy at my current weight but I think I can still lose a little more.

I also just want to post my protocol for any comments. I’ve been battling to convert your oz to a measure I understand as here in South Africa we are all metric.

My protocol is
6am Coffee with generous cream
Black coffee until
Lunch 2pm salad generous portion (about a dinner plate) including approx 1 cup starchy veg + 40g feta + seeds + approx 1tbsp olive oil

Dinner 7-8pm
2-300g protein plus rest of plate vegetables. 1-2 tbsp fat

It has worked well so far even with occasional transgressions. + approx 4 drinks in a week and a joy eat approx once a week.

My main challenge lately has been stopping little bits of snacking on vegetables or cheese around meals.
Especially after dinner when I just want a little more. I’m focussing on stopping that at the moment.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Ps I haven’t weighed this since high school yay!!!!