September goal met

Hello Brooke!

On this last weekday of September, I wanted to report back on my September goal, and proudly announce that it is met!

I am a full-time food writer and blogger, and my goal was to create and schedule all of my blog content to last me until the end of 2017. This meant 15 cooking and travel posts, in both French and English, with photos and supporting social media material.

Inspired and mind-blown by this success, what I’ve decided to do is to organize my year in 4-month seasons from now on.

I’ll do one month of content creation for the blog, followed by a month of learning (taking online courses, reading, building my skills), followed by a month of business development (applying what I’ve learnt and creating new things), followed by a month of unscheduled free time, which I’ll use to rest more, spend more time with my kids, and pursue any play-work I feel drawn to.

Today is my 14-year blogging anniversary, and I’ve never felt so on top of my game, thanks to the work you have us do here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Clotilde in Paris.